UConn Crash Diagram of Driver Who Killed Pedestrian in West Hartford Center, June 2022

Image source: UConn Crash Data Repository, Crash ID 956876 in West Hartford Center, June 2, 2022.

Jack Dougherty: Kerri Provost tweeted on August 1st about the newly-released UConn Crash Data Repository diagram report on the car driver who killed pedestrian Bob Oneal in West Hartford Center on June 2, 2022. Kerri writes:

This diagram shows how Bob Oneal was killed in West Hartford Center in June 2022 as he stood on the large grassy island. Despite the rumors, there’s nothing in the report to indicate that the driver had a medical incident prior to the crash.

There was no mechanical problem. No adverse weather conditions. It was mid-morning. The pedestrian was 100% where he was legally allowed to be at the time he was there.

So, I will ask again: how does a driver in the town’s center topple a pedestrian light and then kill a pedestrian who is not even in the roadway? [Link to Kerri Provost’s June 5th Open Letter to West Hartford]

And here is the link to UConn’s CT Crash Data Repository, source of the crash diagram, if you would like to view this information yourself. [Note from Jack: Users must create a login. Search for CrashID 956876]

If you think West Hartford’s streets need to be paved with more than #ThoughtsAndPrayers, contact @BikeWHartford

Update from Jack: When contacted by phone today, the West Hartford Police Department stated that their report on the June 2nd crash is “not yet ready” and gave no indication when it might be available. Instead, all we have right now is the limited data tables that the UConn Crash Repository made publicly available from information provided to it by WHPD:

Crash Table
LocationView On Map
Town NameWest Hartford
Date Of Crash2022-06-03
Time of Crash10:08:00
Crash SeverityFatal (Kill)
Most Severe InjuryFatal Injury (K)
Route ClassLocal
Road DescriptionNORTH MAIN ST
Intersecting Roadway Namenull
First Harmful EventCurb
Manner of Crash / Collision ImpactNot Applicable
Weather ConditionClear
Weather 2Not Applicable
Light ConditionDaylight
Road Surface ConditionDry
Average Daily Trafficnull
Functional Classificationnull
Rural or Urbannull

Vehicle Table
Number of Occupants in Vehicle1
Vehicle Model Year2015
ModelCooper S
Direction of Travel Before CrashSouthbound
Most Harmful EventPedestrian
Vehicle Maneuver/ActionStraight Ahead
Contributing Circumstances, Motor VehicleNone
Contributing Circumstances, Motor VehicleNot Applicable
Posted/Statutory Speed Limit30
Towed StatusTowed Due to Disabling Damage
Trafficway DescriptionTwo-Way, Divided, Unprotected (Painted > 4 Feet) Median
Initial Contact PointSector 12 (North) in the 12-point Clock Diagram
Extent of DamageDisabling Damage
Body TypePassenger Car
Vehicle ActionStraight Ahead
Contributing Circumstances of VehicleNone
Traffic Control Device TypeTraffic Control Signal
Traffic Control Device Functional?Yes
Sequence of Events 1Ran Off Roadway Left
Sequence of Events 2Curb
Sequence of Events 3Other Post, Pole, or Support
Sequence of Events 4Pedestrian

Persons Table (original included 4 witnesses)
Person TypeDriverPedestrian
Postal Code6107null
Injury StatusPossible Injury (C)Fatal Injury (K)
Condition at Time of CrashOtherUnknown
Condition at Time of Crash2Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Action Taken by OfficerNone takenNone taken
Alcohol Test StatusTest Not GivenTest Not Given
Type Of Alcohol TestNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Drug Test StatusTest Not GivenTest Not Given
Type Of Drig TestNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Ejection StatusNot Ejectednull
Restraint SystemShoulder and Lap Belt Usednull
Helmet UseNot Applicablenull
Air Bag StatusNot Deployednull
Speeding RelatedToo Fast for Conditionsnull
Driver Actions 1Failed to Keep in Proper Lanenull
Driver Actions 2Operated Motor Vehicle in Reckless or Aggressive Mannernull
Driver Actions 3Not Applicablenull
Driver Actions 4Not Applicablenull
Driver Distracted ByOther Inside the Vehicle (eating, personal hygiene, etc.)null
Roadway On Which Nonmotorist Was Traveling/LocatednullNorth/South Main Street
Direction nonmotorist was travelingnullS
Direction UnknownnullFALSE
Striking Motor Vehicle IDnull1
Bicycle IDnullnull
Non-Motorist Not In RoadwaynullTRUE
Actions or Circumstances Prior to CrashnullAdjacent to Roadway (e.g., Shoulder, Median)