GastroPark Business Owner Supports Protected Paths on New Park Avenue Complete Streets

At GastroPark in West Hartford, business owner Tate Norden supports protected and continuous bicycle-pedestrian paths for the New Park Avenue Complete Streets Project. Tate explains more in this short YouTube video:

Hi my name is Tate Norden from GastroPark and I’m here to share my support for the development of the continuous and protected bike and pedestrian path along the New Park Avenue corridor. We think it aligns nicely with West Hartford’s vision for the new zoning area around the Transit Oriented Development and the Fastrak bus lanes. We also think it’s the best interest of the local neighborhoods throughout West Hartford to create paths for them to be able to get to the small businesses that are already in the existing Elmwood community. We want this place to be walkable, friendly, and a place that can be achievable for people from all different areas, whether they have access to an automobile, taxis, or if they’re relying on foot and bike to get here. We’ve seen what a great area this place can be for people when they’re able to get here, and we hope that enhanced maneuverability from bikes will only lead to a more vibrant New Park Avenue as well as Elmwood community.

– Tate Norden, GastroPark business owner
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