Welcome Emily Oshinskie, Communications Coordinator

Bike West Hartford is proud to welcome Emily Oshinskie as our Communications and Social Media Coordinator for Summer 2021. We’re thrilled that she’s helping us improve our outreach with members who support our organization, and to expand our publicity for the Center Streets event on Sunday August 29th, 2021.

Emily was born and raised in West Hartford, and ┬áis a proud alumna of Morley, King Philip and Hall High School! She attended Elmira College and developed her skills as as educator and advocate. Emily discovered her calling in the bicycle advocacy community through BiCiCo in Hartford and now through Bike West Hartford. Emily is an avid cyclist, walker, hiker, and sometimes a rock climber. While she began biking as a youngster in West Hartford, her true passion for cycling arose while living in Tucson, Arizona, where bike paths are plentiful. One of Emily’s first bicycling memories was when she and her dad used to ride down to the UConn basketball championship parades in Hartford. She looks forward to sharing her ideas and enthusiasm about cycling while serving as the Communications Coordinator for Bike West Hartford in summer 2021!