Trout Brook Trail Opens Half-Mile Section from Farmington Avenue to Fern Street

Photo by Ronni Newton,

Ronni Newton published this July 25th article “New Section of Trout Brook Trail Officially Opens” in She writes: “A new section of Trout Brook Trail has been completed, extending West Hartford’s multi-use trail from Farmington Avenue north to Fern Street and adding roughly another half-mile to the project.”

Newton also provides a useful summary of the status of different sections of the planned 3.5-mile trail, which have not been constructed in order over the past 14 years, and is not yet completed:

  • Phase 1: New Park Avenue to South Quaker Lane, opened 2009
  • Phase 2: South Quaker Lane to Jackson Avenue, opened 2015
  • Phase 3: Jackson Avenue to Park Road, scheduled for 2023
  • Phase 4: Park Road to Farmington Avenue, opened 2008
  • Phase 5: Farmington Avenue to Fern Street, opened 2022
  • Phase 6: Fern Street to Duffield Drive, scheduled for late 2022
  • Phase 7: Duffield Drive to Asylum Avenue, scheduled for 2023
Click to view an enlarged PDF image of the Town of West Hartford, Trout Brook Trail Overall Project Plan, April 2022.