Tri-Point Greenway: An Important Step Closer!

See also March 15th article about Tri-Point Greenway by Michael Walsh in CT Insider (gift link)

Bike West Hartford is thrilled that the Town of West Hartford has submitted a $125,000 planning grant application to CT DEEP for a comprehensive study into the exciting Tri-Point Greenway concept. If funded, this planning grant will bring us closer to developing a continuous, safe, and accessible multi-use trail network connecting the communities of Hartford, West Hartford, and Newington.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Town for taking the initiative in pursuing this ambitious project. Bike West Hartford was proud to participate in the grant application process, highlighting the numerous benefits this greenway system promises to deliver.

The Vision

The Tri-Point Greenway envisions two key connections to bridge the gaps between existing trails:

  • Trout Brook Trail to South Branch Trail: Creating a 0.95-mile safe link for pedestrians and cyclists from West Hartford’s Trout Brook Trail to Hartford’s future South Branch Trail extension.
  • Elmwood to Newington Junction Gap: Planning for a trail connection from the Trout Brook Trail to Newington Junction, providing a multi-use greenway along two different options: Piper Brook (2.25 miles) or Route 173 (1.5 miles).

Benefits for Our Communities

The Tri-Point Greenway initiative is designed to deliver a multitude of benefits for residents across our region:

  • Safe, non-motorized transportation: Offering protected corridors for commuting, daily errands, walking, cycling, and recreation.
  • Accessibility and connectivity: Expanding access for diverse populations, including families, seniors, those with disabilities, and underserved neighborhoods.
  • Environmental stewardship: Protecting green spaces and improving air and water quality.

Thank You to Our Supporters

This progress wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of leaders in our community. We’d like to express our deep appreciation to:

We eagerly await the outcome of the CT DEEP grant application in May and look forward to continued collaboration with the Town of West Hartford, the City of Hartford, the Town of Newington, and other regional stakeholders in realizing the Tri-Point Greenway vision.

Let’s make the Tri-Point Greenway a reality! Explore the interactive concept map.