#HartfordBikeParty Putnam Bridge Loop, Sun May 26

Thank you to over 50 cyclists who joined our free and fun #HartfordBikeParty Putnam Bridge 20-Mile Loop group bike ride on Sunday May 26th 2024 (Memorial Day weekend), co-sponsored by Bike West Hartford and Hartford Bicycle Club. Check out Leo Pon’s FB photos and Robert Gursky’s short YouTube video!

Meet up at 1pm at Elizabeth Park Greenhouses. After brief introductions and a safety check, we roll out by 1:10pm. (If there is heavy rain, we may delay our event to another day.) End around 3:30pm with the option to buy food and drinks.

Near the end of our route is Parkville Neighborhood “Love Your Block Party (formerly known as DominGO), where only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed on Park Street (from Sisson Ave to Prospect Street) on Sunday afternoon May 26th.

Our route will end at West Side Square, an outdoor gathering place with food and beverages for sale, at 510 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, located near our starting point.

Our group bike ride is designed to be fun and open to all skill levels, rolling at a friendly pace of 10-12 mph, with no one left behind. Bring any type of bicycle in good condition and preferably with wide tires rather than skinny tires, a bike helmet, water bottle, and money if you wish to buy food or drinks at the end.

Watch this short public Instagram video to see the conditions of the route and make sure it’s a good match for you.

Explore our 20-mile bike route, which opens in RideWithGPS (no account required) if you wish to download or send to a device. Or here is the same route shared by Rob Peters on Strava.

Our route includes a mix of separated bike paths, roads with bike lanes, roads without bike lanes, and grass-dirt-sand trails. You will need to push your bike under a tree and probably through a short sandy section of the South Meadows Greenway. If there is heavy rain a day or so before the ride, we may choose the alternative Naubuc Avenue route thru East Hartford-Glastonbury to reach Putnam Bridge.