Hartford Business Journal on Complete Streets Development

Professor Mary Donegan, a board member of Bike West Hartford, was quoted in this August 1st Hartford Business Journal story about Complete Streets development projects:

Mary Donegan, a professor in urban and community studies at the University of Connecticut, said the complete streets concept has been around for awhile, but need and vision for it intensified in the 2000s. “Here in the United States, we began to focus more on streetscaping as part of the pushback of the urban renewal period; it really increased in the 2000s,” said Donegan, who has been affiliated with UConn since 2017. “It pushes back on the idea that you need to have a car to get around. What were cities built for, cars or people? Once you switch the mindset that it is for people, you can then focus on helping people move and feel safe to enjoy communities when streetscapes come in.” See the full story.

Complete Streets Project in the City of New Britain, CT. Contributed image to Hartford Business Journal.