Commuting and travel routes

Biking is a great way to get to work, to do errands, to meet a friend for a cup of coffee.  But many of us are unsure of how to get around town by bike.  Bike West Hartford has received a lot of requests for tips on the best biking routes in town.  We have asked some experienced riders to provide their preferred routes for getting around.

Disclaimer:  these maps are provided for informational purposes – Bike West Hartford cannot guarantee rider safety – riders should exercise caution and discretion when riding these routes.

Note on using these routes:  we used the Ride with GPS tool to develop these. Each link contains a map and cue sheet.  RWGPS can be accessed via any modern browser, and there are free smartphone apps available.  RWGPS has paid services, but all the routes are viewable using the free version.

Commuting to Hartford

West Hartford Center (Town Hall) to downtown Hartford (Old State House):

West Hartford Town Hall to Old State House via Fern/Asylum 
West Hartford Town Hall to Old State House via Boulevard/Capitol

Routes from northern WH to downtown Hartford (Old State House).  These routes begin just north of Bishops Corner, from the intersection of North Main and  Mohawk.  There are numerous routes via side streets to the start point.

Northern West Hartford to Old State House – more direct 
Northern West Hartford to Old State House – alternate

Riding to/ from West Hartford Center

Town Hall to Duncaster Road in Bloomfield
Town Hall to Corbin’s Corner/West Farms
Town Hall to Bishop’s Corner  
Town Hall to the Rt. 4 Reservoir

Other Travel Routes

Fern Park to the Rt. 4 Reservoir