Bike + Walk + Bus to Shop in West Hartford, May 8-11th

To boost our demand for people-centered street design, Bike West Hartford encourages supporters to Bike+Walk+Bus to Shop in West Hartford from Wednesday thru Saturday, May 8-11th 2024. Remind store owners that #BikesMeanBusiness and use that hashtag and also tag @BikeWestHartford on photos of you shopping with family and friends on your favorite social media. Bike West Hartford will reshare your posts and photos on our channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and make our efforts more visible to Town Council members to adopt the Option A design for West Hartford Center.

We appreciate all of the BWH members who brought this idea to our attention and are helping to make it happen in ways that make sense for all of our supporters:

  • You can choose to bike, or walk, or bus to shop, and go whenever the time feels right. Begin before May 8th if you wish!
  • You can choose to meet up with family or friends, and have fun while making your opinion heard!
  • You can choose to shop in West Hartford Center or elsewhere in West Hartford, or even tag specific businesses!

By working together on this campaign, we can make our collective vision for safer streets more visible to everyone in West Hartford!

We have been told that the WH Center infrastructure plan will be on the agenda of the Wednesday May 15th 8am virtual meeting of the Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED) Committee of the WH Town Council. Chair: Tiffani McGinnis, Vice Chair: Ben Wenograd, Minority membe: Al Cortes. Thank you to everyone who continues to email and speak with Town Council members to advocate for the Option A design for West Hartford Center.